We provide Data Analytics practices that helps us give efficient and effective suggestions for your business.

What does it do?


Give insights about user behaviour

It helps us track user activity on your platform, which in turn helps you know your users better, and you know which are the pages that your users love, and what are the key areas of improvement.


Channelize Marketing efforts

When you know what your users like about you, and which pages they visit the least, you have the option to channelize your marketing efforts in whatever direction you want.


Measure User Acquisition Cost

Once you know your user base, it helps you measure the user acquisition cost to strategize your marketing plans for the future.

How it helps


Platform Evaluation

TechCruzers helps you to track the process of your platform

Platform Evaluation

Your users can help you in evaluating your business model and platform. The usage and other data acquired can help you in further development of the product and plan our strategies for further improvements. You are making your product for the users, so no one can help you better than the users themselves, right?


Understanding ROI

Our Data Analytics help you in tranforming your financial strategy

Understanding ROI

Our Data analytics can help you in building, or changing the financial strategy of your business.It helps you understand what features should be kept free, and what are the more lucrative ones. This, in turn, can help you build a customised strategy to help increase your Return on Investments.


Strategize the Roadmap

Based on the User Analytics Data we can create a roadmap for the future of your product

Strategize the Roadmap

The analytics can help you set up the roadmap for the future of your product. The data acquired can help you to develop future ideas, to learn from past mistakes and discover new techniques that are individually for you.

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