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The idea was to create a platform where users can find everything easily, because Printing E-commerce websites have a lot of design and product options.


There are a lot of printing E-commerce platforms on the web who provide a lot of features. But do you know one thing that is common with all of them? The slow, unreliable editing tool.

When we go on an online printing E-commerce, the first thing we want to see are the potential designs, right? No. first we see the design and UX of the website itself. That is a very important factor in whether we can keep the user on our page. The design should be clean and the UX should be catchy and attractive. These all things made our client, who himself is a designer, to make a website for online printing, which could overcome all these drawbacks of other competitors.


the idea

The idea was to create a platform where users can find everything easily, because Printing E-commerce websites have a lot of design and product options. Another thing, of course, was to create a flexible and smooth online editing tool where users can do whatever they want to do with their design, without any lags or complexities. Also, the user should have a lot of options and choices of design and products when he visits our website. Our client also wanted a special type of user, the corporate user. There should be an easy to use cart too. Also, the user should also have the option to upload his own design to edit in our editing tool.

So, keeping all these, and other features in mind, we got to work to create the smoothest and the most beautiful Printing E-Commerce Website.

our approach

The first thing that we did when we started working on this project was to research on other competitors and finding out the good and the bad about them. We tried to avoid, and correct all the downsides of other websites.

But the real challenge for us was to create the smoothest editing tool in the market. For that, we had some of the best web designers in the business, so they got to researching and designing the tool. The tool had to have a lot of features, like cropping, adding colours, texts, backgrounds, among other things. It was not long before we had the tool what we wanted, all credit to our designers. After completing all the work, they got to work on the overall design and UX of the website. It was no easy task as well, because they had to accommodate a lot of products and designs into a single website, without making it look clumsy or odd.

In the meanwhile, our developers were busy making algorithms for the product. The most important thing was to make it flexible and improvable, because our client wanted to add more and more features later on. Making algorithms for pricing and corporate users were also a bit tricky, but when you have the minds of our developers, nothing is tricky.

After both, the design and the algorithms were ready, it was time to integrate them together. It was a daunting task as well, integrating theoretical and algorithmic categories and products with the design. But our developers took it upon themselves to make it one of the most dynamic and light printing e-commerce platform on the web. And, they delivered.


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the outcome

When we were done with all the designing and integrating, we had a product that not only brought a spark in our client’s eyes, but also made us feel proud of what we had created. This was a product that would rule the Printing market for a long, long time, and we were a huge part in its success.





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Client says

We came to TechCruzers with a vision for our website. you listened, that vision with your constructive criticism and insight, produced a very attractive website! We hear nothing but positive comments! So again, THANK YOU!

Nuzhat Siddiqui, Owner Click to Print Pvt. Ltd.

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