The idea was to help every student in understanding the concepts in an efficient and fast manner. Where he can talk to a real teacher right from where he is sitting right now.


Getting answers to any question is very easy now-a- days. You just have to google it, and bam! It’s there before you can even blink. There are hundreds of platforms on the web which can provide you with related answers. But what about the exact answer and the explanation to it? What about getting answers from real experts, not just anyone on the web? This problem is mostly faced by students who, while studying, come up with a doubt and have no one to ask to. What do they do? They either skip it, or wait for the next day to ask their teachers. Is this how it should be? Our client didn’t think so. That’s why he decided to create a platform which can give answers to student’s doubts instantly. And those too, from real experts who you can chat with. No more waiting. No more half explanations. Everything instantly. And this equals to good marks. Yay!


the idea

The idea was to help every student in understanding the concepts in an efficient and fast manner. Where he can talk to a real teacher right from where he is sitting right now. He just has to start a doubt session on the android application, whose request will go to all the teachers of that particular subject who are currently online. Those teachers can than accept the request instantly and talk to the student about their doubts, solve them instantly and make understanding the concept easier. And along with the doubt sessions, the registered students also get daily problems to solve, test series to attempt, and much more. All this just under one hood (actually, in an app).

our approach

The application had to look like it was made for students. So it had to be cool, and professional at the same time. So our Designers and Android Developers got to work to create an interface that was both, easy to use, as well as attractive to look at. Which would make a student to come back to the app again and again, even if it was just to look at the designs and the icons. While our designers were doing their magical wand-waving thing to create the front-end of the app, our developers were brainstorming through the basic concept, database design and algorithm building. First thing to do was research. While researching through some similar platforms, they jotted down the things that they found could be improved in them. The app had to be bug free and feature loaded after all. And the algorithms had to be fast and smooth, because we had to facilitate live chatting between the teachers and the students in the app, among other things.

So when the front-end and back-end were both ready, it was time for integration. The integration had to be flexible and bug free, for which, our android developers deserve all the credit. Their dedication to their work helped us in creating this beautiful and super-fast product.




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the outcome

Our designers and developers worked in tandem to create a platform with the help of some very valuable inputs from our client that brought smiles on our client’s face, as well as gave opportunities to both, the students and the teachers.

The application was easy to use, user-experience oriented and most importantly, almost half the size of its competitor apps, also being twice as fast. How’s that for efficiency and creativity?







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user feedback

Great Initiative which can help to save life. What else is required :-)

Gourab Nandi

Very much appreciate this initiative. Keep it up!

Rajbir Yadav

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