Maintenance & Support

If your website goes down, your business does too.We make sure that that never happens, by providing maintenance and customer support services.

Support Levels


Level 1

Monitoring system data and its analysis and system malfunction detection is the level one of our support team interference. They also try to detect any other issues in your system.


Level 2

After detecting, and solving all the issues in level 1, the system is configured, and improved upon, by clearing unused and excess cache and detecting server issues.


Level 3

At level three, new system versions are discussed upon, and developed, improvements in the application are made and code is fixed. All the bugs are detected and cleared to make your product as good as new, again.

Our Services


Bug tracking systems

Our Bug tracking systems are deployed to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing and reporting

Bug tracking systems

We know how irritating those little bugs can be. By taking all this into account, our Bug tracking systems are deployed to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing and reporting.


Software maintenance and support

TechCruzers allows you to focus on the product execution and leave the technical part upon us

Software maintenance and support

Our proactive approach helps us warn you when a backup is necessary, foresee any hacking attempts and remove other technical problems that might affect your business.


Application Improvement

TechCruzers helps you to plan functional improvement of your products

Application Improvement

Our support team and engineers help revise the current state of the applications, analyze their performance and possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality of your products.


Performance Monitoring

Constant Monitoring of your application is a mandatory task to perform

Performance Monitoring

TechCruzers helps you to make sure your products are running well by monitoring your application while it is live to prevent breakdowns.

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