There are several hundreds of Companies that are practicing Pyramid selling or Multi Level Selling and compensation methods to sell their products, YKBS is one of them.


I am sure you must have heard of multilevel marketing or network marketing, or referral marketing. And you must be aware of the concept behind it. There are several hundreds of Companies that are practicing Pyramid selling or Multi Level Selling and compensation methods to sell their products list includes some big names like Amway, Tupperware, Electrolux, etc.


the idea

The main challenge about this product was to make it very simple and ideal for Indian market, And While maintaining its simplicity implementing the most different type of MLM implementation. Our Client desire to introduce a very unique type of MLM which was never seen before in market before. This was meant to be a multi-level system, where Different number of people on different level of tree and change or moment in one may affect the linked nodes. To make this product more appealing and promising we need a dashboard for all the users which had to be fluid and feature-rich, yet easy to use. Each type of users should have their own set of functionalities.

our approach

The scope of the product was very vast. So, to make everything connected and flexible, we decided to work with APIs. Keeping in mind that in future mobile application may be required. But for now our task was to develop a responsive website that can accessed by the people using different platform and different screen size. Also, we wanted our algorithms and APIs to be very flexible, so that if our client want to change Product or implementation, he could easily do that. Also, there were too many features that we had to integrate in this platform, but user experience was the first and foremost thing to take care as we were engaged to build some revolutionary. We provided quick links on the dashboard, made the navigation menu clean and simple for user to find any page easily, and most importantly, made the website completely responsive to different screen sizes, including tablets and mobiles.




Working Hours


Person Engaged

the outcome

After spending days on database design, weeks on platform designing and development, and ten days on Algorithms, we finally had a product which we knew would rule the MLM Market. It was tailor made solution for MLM: Responsive design, flexible algorithms and APIs, and all the features that a user might need.

YKBS Marketing Pvt Ltd. Appreciated our work and mark our service as 100% satisfactory.




Business Plan

business plan





Client says

Thank you for the wonderful job TechCruzers. You did deliver this valuable Product not only on time but also with maximum quality. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your staff that had a hand in developing our site. Staff at TechCruzers are responsive to requests, usually providing an answer the same day.

BK Soni, Director YKBS Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

TechCruzer are best at there job. Before meeting TechCruzers we thought the product we demand may be impossible to create but TechCruzers made our dream project come true. Thank you TechCruzers.

Kavinder Kumar, Director YKBS Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Whenever i Think IT I Think TechCruzers. They are masters of there way. They not just a service company the way they coordinate with you makes you feel more comfortable just as a team.

Sanjay, Director YKBS Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

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