ZINI India’s First Medical AI which is your Personal Healthcare Companion released in the form of a Chatbot included Health APP


Maintaining medical History and vitals is a need of hour. More the data you have more precise is diagnostic can be. But is it easy to maintain medical history? No, Most of you may hate this thing. That’s why Our Client Dr. Rohit Sharma decided to create a platform which can be a Health companion to everyone. Which latter gave birth to India’s First Medical AI. Yay!


the idea

The idea was to help everyone in getting better healthcare. You just need to install the android application which act as his Medical Health companion. You can store you medical records on cloud, Can record your Vitals. And also can share these with anyone around the globe. This is not enough App also contain a chat bot which act as virtual doctor.

So, keeping all these, and other features in mind, we got to work to India’s 1st Medical Artificial Intelligence Android Application.

our approach

The first thing that we did when we started working on this project was to research on type of UI/UX required in the application development as per product’s target audience. This was toughest as we need to design it simple

But the real challenge for us was to encapsulate numerous of feature into one single android application. For that, we had some of the best android developers and designers in the business. The feature embedded to Application are

  • Global Health Identification or GHID: Zini Provides Every user a Unique Global Health ID that can be Used to Manage their Healthcare info Anywhere anytime. No Need for Separate Health IDs, UHIDs or other Separate details in every Hospital and Clinic. Get a GHID and Manage everything from there.
  • Emergency Medical Profile: This Lets you Save your Emergency Medical Information so you can be helped in case of a Medical Emergency.
  • Health Records Manager: This feature allows you to Save and Manage all your Health Records over time in a Chronological fashion and Keep them safe and Secure on the cloud for as long as you want. Never fear losing your Health Documents and Share them On the go easily with your Doctor or your Loved One’s.
  • Nearby Clinics / Hospital: Get a Lost of All Nearby Clinics and Hospitals in your Current Location. Share it with Others.
  • Health Vitals Manager: Keep Track of Your Vitals like BP, Sugar, Pulse, Temperature etc over time. Get Useful Graphical and Other Statistical display of this INfo over time. Get useful insights on your data and More, Share it with your Doctor and your Loved one’s Across the Globe.
  • Empathic Chatting: Although in Very Initial Stages, You can Share your Emotions or anything you wish to talk to her. ZINI is an AI, Her responses may help you, comfort you or May be Guide you in the Right Direction in times of need.

In the meanwhile, our developers were busy making algorithms for the product. The most important thing was to make it flexible and improvable, because our client Dr. Rohit wanted to add more and more features later on.

After both, the design and the algorithms were ready, it was time to integrate them together. It was a daunting task as well, integrating theoretical and algorithmic categories and products with the design. But our developers took it upon themselves to make it most smart and efficient Medical A.I. Android Application. And, they delivered.




Working Hours


Person Engaged

the outcome

Our designers and developers worked in tandem to create a platform with the help of some very valuable inputs from our client that brought smiles on our client’s face, as well as we delivered something that will surely help people in keep them healthy.


Zini Login


Zini Chatbot




Emergency Medical Profile

emergency profile

Health Vital Manager

Health Vital

Nearby Clinics/Hospitals

Nearby Hospitals

Search User

Search User

Client Says

A Group of Very Hard Working and Sincere Young Minds. Always Yes Sayers to Every Problem. The thing that I Most Admire and Appreciate about them is that they are Always ready to Help, to Improve and to Solve all Your Problems without raising Any Objections until there is Perfection in their Work.

Dr. Rohit Sharma, CEO Grainpad Pvt. Ltd.

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