Simplifying complex systems and designing engaging user interfaces



experience design

Interactive and eye catching designs.


Website Design

Responsive, beautiful and secure websites for E-commerce, informatives and more


mobile design

Smartphone and tablet applications, Web apps for mobile phones.


web interface design

Beautiful GUI based designs, especially adhering to our principle of UX first.


usability audit

Information architecture audit Content inventory, sitemap analysisAuditing Information Architecture, content and sitemaps


corporate identity

Logo designing and Branding Guidelines

Wireframing And Prototyping



TechCruzers utilizes wireframing as a basic technique to reduce the cost and risk involved


At TechCruzers, we use wireframing techniques to reduce the cost, and also reduce the risk involved in developing complex systems.

We try to acquire essential feedback early in the development development process to completely focus on our objectives and intended functionality with responsibility.


Graphic Mockups

At this stage, we utilize mood boards and colour palettes to design an interface which speaks to the user to stay.

Graphic Mockups

Functional prototypes delivered by TechCruzers enable you to quickly test your product’s design and functionality for simple and complex behaviours, to give you an idea for the final product.

These prototypes helps us in identifying areas of improvement, which in turn helps make the final product satisfactory and complete.


Proof of Concept

We create functional prototypes and proof-of-concepts to сlarify, complete, validate

Proof of Concept

We create a functional prototype of your product to analyze, assess and verify your requirements and quality and finalize the design.

Our prototypes are evolutionarily, so that once the prototype has been completely verified with you, we can build on that prototype using series of iterations, and securing timely course adjustments early on in the project.

Other Title

Information Architect

Determines and creates an advanced route-map of the website through which the user reads the content through conceptual model design, navigation and interactive scenario design.

Software Engineer

Transforms presentation layers and requirements into high quality websites, native applications and mobile solutions and complex architectures.

Business Analyst

Through thorough research and feedbacks, creates a user experience which suits your potential user base based on your business ideas

QA Engineer

Ensures quality of the product on the basis of exhaustive functional and compatibility testing to produce a cohesive and desirable effect on the target audience.

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