how we do it?

Warmup Stage


IP Protection

To keep your ideas and our methods safe, the first thing we do is sign mutual non-disclosure agreements.


Concept Discussion

Your ideas shape your product. Discussions over coffee makes us better understand your ideas which helps in deciding a way to proceed.



We know how demanding a project can be. But we are here to answer all your questions and calm your stress down.


Finalizing Scope

Here, all the actual decisions are made by undergoing extensive research and deep discussions to settle the work-flow of the project. This forms the base of the process and the only thing left now is to build.


Development Plan

A development plan is drawn which includes timelines, product architecture, database design and other strategies.

Game on!


Product Strategy

Project Development begins here. We start working on your ideas to shape them into a product that excites you as well as us. Foolproof techniques and extensive research helps bring the best out of your idea.



A product is judged first by its visual experience. And our designers breathe creativity. Wire framing and responsive behaviour are thoroughly checked and improved as we move on.



Effective and efficient coding is what we do. Lean, fast and smooth algorithms help us write flexible and bug-free code to make the perfect product.


User Acquisition and Growth Hacking

The project does not end with the development of app. We help you acquire more users by implementing growth hacking techniques and finding the most cost-effective marketing techniques to magnetise attention of your core user.


Data Analytics

We will analyse the usage data and feedbacks for your product to help you decide what needs change and what more features to add.


Product Maintenance and Improvements

The product should always be for the future. We will carry your product on our shoulders all the way through.

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