The idea was to let people rent stuff as easily as possible.


Have you ever felt the need of having something, but it didn’t feel important enough to buy? Books, vehicles, even electronics are some of the things that we need right now but may not need in the future at all. Our client felt it too and decided to do something about it. He wanted people to have something for as many days that they needed it for a nominal charge, and when they didn’t need it, they could return it back to its owner. This is what made the core of UseOnRent.


the idea

The idea was to let people rent stuff as easily as possible. They could just log in to the app, or the website, search for something that they want, and click a couple of buttons to prompt the person who put on that advertisement. They can then meet at the place of their choice to exchange goods for money. Simple. And really very handy, we must say. This is something that all of us need. And we delivered.

our approach

Research for this product wasn’t that tough as there are a couple of similar platforms out there. The real challenge for our developers here was to write APIs which were flexible and smooth enough to work on 2 different types of devices and which were easy to integrate into two different programming languages.

And the database design was a little tricky too, for we had to let a user do both, rent a good from someone, or rent something to another user. And the design had to be simple, but something that would make the user to come back to our platform again. So, our designers and developers got to work in what they do best, worked hard and dedicatedly till the final product was ready and bug-free.




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the outcome

Our only aim here at TechCruzers is to satisfy our client, to make a product which enthuses their nerves. And that’s exactly what happened when we delivered UseOnRent to our client. He was all smiles for he got exactly what he wanted.

After all the hardwork and dedication that our team put into this project, we got exactly what we expected.








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Client says

I must say working with TechCruzer Software Development LLP & his team has been a pleasure. They took some broken code done by an earlier Company, streamlined it, & added some improvements. The site is more professional and faster! Great Job! They get the job done and they do good work.

Lohit Malik, Managing Director UseOnRent

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